We put your mind at rest by giving you an outline of the first visit so you can know what to expect, whether it be Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy or Sports Massage consultation / treatment.

First Visit

You will receive a warm welcome from our receptionist who will require you to provide personal details, contact details and your GP and the surgery you are registered with. You will then be invited to take a seat and await your practitioner.

Your practitioner will greet you from reception and show you to their consultation/treatment room. Each consultation/treatment will vary slightly in nature depending on who you are seeing i.e. which discipline/form of treatment you require. However, with the particular treatments we offer here the first appointments are very similar and an outline of this process has been described below so you can know what to expect.

Your practitioner will firstly ask you questions about why you are here, what your problem/ symptoms are and will need to go through current and past medical history as well as family medical history.

Once they have gathered all of the relevant information they will then need to examine you. Examinations will depend upon the problem you are presenting with, generally it will involve looking at ranges of movement, testing reflexes and carrying out other neurological and muscle testing. At this point of examination your practitioner may ask you to undress down to underwear (or you can bring a vest and shorts if you feel more comfortable). Once all history has been taken and examinations complete treatment can then commence.

Where a baby/young child is being seen by our cranial osteopath, you as the parent/ guardian can expect to answer questions on your medical history, family medical history, the complaint your child is suffering from and also questions in and around the birth of the child and any complications had during pregnancy. Treatment will be very subtle and non-invasive.

Once you have undergone your consultation and treatment payment and any further bookings that may be needed can all be dealt with by our receptionist.

Please note that all practitioners are more than happy for a friend or relative to be in with you for consultations/treatments should you want them to. We do require ALL individuals under 16 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.